How to Clean a Clear Phone Case: Keep It Spotless and Durable

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Clear phone cases are prized for their ability to showcase the design of our smartphones while offering necessary protection. However, keeping them transparent and free from smudges, stains, and yellowing can be a challenge. In this guide, we'll explore not only why clear phone cases need special attention but also effective methods to keep yours looking as good as new.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your clear phone case does more than just keep it looking good; it prolongs the lifespan of the case and helps protect your smartphone from damage. Whether it's from everyday dirt and oils or accidental makeup smears, clear cases require regular maintenance to retain their transparency and protective qualities. Let's delve into the details on how to maintain your clear phone case effectively.

Understanding the Material of Your Phone Case

Clear phone cases come in a variety of materials, each with its own characteristics and cleaning requirements. The two most common materials are:

  • Plastic (including polycarbonate and TPU): Often chosen for its rigidity and impact resistance.

Knowing the material of your clear phone case is crucial because it influences the cleaning methods and products you should use. Silicone cases, for instance, can handle gentle soaps and are resistant to water damage, whereas plastic cases might require specific cleaners to avoid clouding the material.

Daily Maintenance Tips

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when it comes to keeping your clear phone case clean. Here are some daily habits to adopt:

  1. Wipe Down Regularly: Using a microfiber cloth, gently wipe your phone case once a day to remove oils, dust, and lint.
  2. Avoid Exposure to Direct Sunlight: Prolonged exposure can cause yellowing.
  3. Keep It Away from Makeup and Ink: When applying makeup, ensure your phone case isn't nearby to avoid smears.

Establishing these simple habits can dramatically reduce the amount of time you'll need to spend on more intensive cleaning, keeping your clear phone case in top-notch condition with minimal effort.

Deep Cleaning Techniques

For those times when your clear phone case needs more than just a quick wipe down, a deeper clean might be necessary. Here's a comprehensive guide to effectively deep clean your clear phone case without damaging it:

  1. Remove the Case: Always take the case off your phone to avoid moisture damage.
  2. Wash with a Mild Soap Solution: Mix a bit of mild dish soap with warm water. Use a soft cloth or a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub the case.
  3. Rinse Thoroughly: Ensure no soap residue remains as it can attract more dirt. Rinse under running lukewarm water.
  4. Dry Completely: Before reattaching the case to your phone, ensure it's completely dry. Air drying is recommended to avoid water spots.

This routine can be performed every few weeks or as needed, depending on your usage and exposure to dirt and oils.

Removing Tough Stains

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, tough stains find their way onto our clear cases. Here's how to address some of the most stubborn stains:

  • Makeup: Use a cotton pad dipped in rubbing alcohol to dab away foundation or lipstick stains.
  • Ink: A small amount of hand sanitizer gel (which contains alcohol) can be effective for lifting ink stains.
  • More Resistant Marks: For persistent stains, you might consider using a specialized plastic cleaner found in automotive or tech stores, but ensure it's suitable for the material of your phone case.

Dealing with Yellowing

Yellowing is a common issue with clear phone cases, often due to UV exposure or the material aging. Here's how to confront this challenge:

  1. Preventive Measures: Limit your phone case's exposure to direct sunlight and high temperatures.
  2. Cleaning Approach: Mix a paste of baking soda and water and gently scrub the case. This can sometimes help reduce the yellow tinge.

If the yellowing is too far progressed, it might be more practical to consider a replacement. CORECOLOUR offers a range of new clear phone cases that utilize materials resistant to yellowing.

When to Replace Your Clear Phone Case

Even with the best care, there comes a time when your clear phone case may need to be retired. Here are some signs that it's time to consider a replacement:

  1. Significant Yellowing: If the case has turned yellow beyond repair, it's time for a new one to ensure your phone maintains its aesthetic appeal.
  2. Cracks or Breaks: Any damage that compromises the integrity of the case means it's no longer providing adequate protection.
  3. Loose Fit: Over time, some materials may stretch or wear out, causing the case to fit less snugly, which could let in dust and debris.

When selecting a new clear phone case, consider upgrading to options that offer UV protection to resist yellowing, like those available at CORECOLOUR. It's worth investing in a case that will stay clear for the long run.


Keeping your clear phone case clean not only enhances its appearance but also extends its lifespan, ensuring it can continue to protect your valuable smartphone effectively. Remember to clean regularly, tackle tough stains promptly, and address yellowing before it becomes permanent. With the right care and maintenance, your phone case can remain as clear and shiny as the day you bought it.

Maintaining your clear phone case doesn't have to be a chore. By incorporating these simple care steps into your routine, you ensure lasting protection and clarity for your phone. And remember, when it's time for a replacement, opting for high-quality products like those from CORECOLOUR's clear phone case collection can make all the difference.


1. Can I clean my clear phone case with vinegar? While vinegar is a great cleaning agent for many situations, its acidity can sometimes cloud plastic materials. It's safer to stick to soapy water or alcohol for cleaning clear phone cases.

2. How often should I deep clean my clear phone case? It depends on your usage; however, aiming for a deep clean every 2-3 weeks or when you notice build-up is a good practice.

3. What is the best way to remove a clear phone case without damaging it? Gently stretch the case away from one corner of your phone and gradually work it off. Be patient and avoid pulling too hard, which might cause the case or even your phone to snap.

Remember, a clean phone case isn't just about aesthetics---it's also about maintaining the functionality and hygiene of your daily companion. Keep it clean, keep it clear, and keep it protected with CORECOLOUR.

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