SHOPPING GUIDE: The Best iPhone 15 & iPhone 15 Pro Phone Cases

SHOPPING GUIDE: The Best iPhone 15 & iPhone 15 Pro Phone Cases - CORECOLOUR AU

A brand new phone, calls for a new case (pun intended). Nothing beats the feeling of unboxing a fresh iPhone. After you’ve discarded the packaging and peeled off the temporary screen protector, it’s time to match your new tech with a protective accessory.

They say you can tell a lot about someone by their outfit and a phone case is no different. Your most used accessory should be styled to amplify the statement you’re trying to make to the world. Make sure your iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 pro is protected in style. Find a case that matches your lifestyle and compliments your personal style.

Here are the 6 best types of iPhone 15 & iPhone 15 Pro Phone Cases:

Glitter iPhone 15 Phone Case: The Sparkly Type

There is nothing dull about a bit of glitter and these phone cases were definitely designed for those of you who like to stand out. We took inspiration from Apple’s Wonderlust event and selected our range of glitter phone cases. We wanted to offer Apple iPhone 15 users a glittery phone case to go with their sparkly new phone. While we are on theme with Apple, we also had to stay on brand for CORECOLOUR. Our glitter iPhone cases are anything but basic.

Silicone iPhone 15 Phone Case: The Minimal Option

Sometimes less is more. If you prefer your accessories to compliment your outfit and not be the centre of attention a solid colour phone case might just be the move for you. Our Silicone phone cases are a staple amongst iPhone users and now CORECOLOUR’S grippiest phone case will be available for iPhone 15 series users. Our range of sleek silicone cases will keep you out of slippery situations and your phone in your pocket. You’ll certainly have a firm grip on your tech and fashion with these stylish iPhone cases made from liquid silicone. Not to mention, the shades of silicone perfectly match the iPhone 15 colour range.

Waterproof iPhone 15 Phone Case: The Rugged Select

If you’re a regular beach bum or watersport phenetic you might be tempted to invest in a Waterproof phone case that is iPhone 15 compatible. CORECOLOR’S IP68 Certified Waterproof iPhone Case is the ultimate tech accessory for beachgoers. This waterproof Phone Case will protect your iPhone 15 against drops up to 3 metres and water submersion down to 1.5 metres. This Phone Case was designed for extreme protection and it is also MagSafe-compatible.

Shockproof iPhone 15 Phone Case: The Safe Pick

If you are serious about design and serious about protection, the shockproof case was designed with you in mind. Our premium quality shockproof phone cases are SGS certified with 16.4 ft drop protection. These phone cases blend style with durability–designed to combat life’s toughest challenges. With precision engineering, reinforced corners, and military-grade certifications, our cases are designed to withstand the impacts of a busy modern lifestyle. Whether you’re rushing to work, bar hopping or sightseeing, you can depend on our iPhone 15 shockproof case.

Floral iPhone 15 Phone Case: The Bold Choice

Now’s not the time to shy away from a bold case. Buy yourself some flowers to celebrate your new iPhone 15 with a floral phone case. We launched a bunch of flora-inspired phone cases to be released in time for your iPhone 15 purchase. You don’t have to compromise on design for protection anymore, our phone cases have the drop protection you need and the designs you love. Fans of native flowers will fall in love with our Banksia, King Protea and Crimson Bottlebrush designs.

Clear iPhone 15 Phone Case: The Understated Approach

Of course, we produced our clear phone case for the iPhone 15 series. This phone case earned itself a cult following with its premium quality and superior tech. Our anti-yellowing technology will ensure your phone case stays crisp and clear to show off your iPhone 15’s sleek design and colourway at all times. Don’t give in to flimsy and inferior cases and buy CORECOLOUR’s high-quality MagSafe compatible clear phone case. After all, transparency is key when it comes to tech.

A new phone is a new start. Take this opportunity to deck out your new iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro with a new case that will make you the centre of attention offline and online. Invest in a phone case the same way you invested in your smartphone. The perfect match does exist– buy a phone case that meets your protection and fashion expectations.



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