TREND REPORT: Why are Silicone iPhone Cases so Popular?

TREND REPORT: Why are Silicone iPhone Cases so Popular?

You’ve probably spotted a silicone phone case, or two, out in the wild (aka the street or office). The demand for grippy cases that won’t let your phone slip out of your hands is growing.

If you’re looking to upgrade your iPhone or Samsung phone case, don’t be so quick to overlook the silicone phone case. It might be simple in design but it will meet your every need. This grippy case will have your and your phone’s backs covered– keeping you out of those slippery situations.

The silicone phone case is perfect for those of you who want a subtle phone case that won’t draw too much attention but offers the right amount of protection.


Are silicone phone cases good quality?

While the quality of silicone phone cases differs from brand to brand, we produce a premium quality silicone phone case. CORECOLOUR’S signature silicone phone case is made from 100% liquid silicone which means it is ready to withstand extreme temperatures, harsh environments, vibrations and UV exposure. This might sound overkill for a phone case but when you think about all the situations you and your phone find yourself in, an added layer of defence can’t hurt. Not to mention, our high-quality silicone phone cases are also MagSafe-compatible for the tech-savvy.

Do silicone phone cases protect your phone?

Silicone might sound like an odd choice of material to protect your hyper-expensive tech, but it’s one of the most durable phone covers on the market. Your Samsung Galaxy or iPhone will be safeguarded from drops, scuffs and scratches with this slim phone case. CORECOLOUR’S silicone phone case collection has 6.6 ft drop protection thanks to its dual-layered silicone frame. For added protection and peace of mind, the silicone case also features a raised titanium camera ring to protect your lenses and raised frame to protect your screen. The microfibre lining inside the case will protect the profile of your phone from unexpected impacts. Silicone cases are protective in every aspect.


How to clean a silicone phone case?

Like all phone cases, your silicone phone case might experience some wear and tear from being your phone’s sidekick. But not to worry because this material is fairly easy to keep clean.

After removing your case, you can run it under warm water to wash away any loose dirt. After rinsing your case, you can mix some lukewarm water with some dishwashing detergent and use a soft cloth to gently scrub the case. Once your case is free of marks and stains you can rinse off the remaining solution and dry the phone case before putting it back on your smartphone. One of the reasons silicone cases are a popular phone case choice is because they are easy to spot clean. But CORECOLOUR’S silicone phone cases for iPhone and Samsung are fingerprint and dirt-resistant–if you’re looking to save yourself the hassle of cleaning your phone case.

What colour silicone phone case is the best?

Silicone phone cases are not a passing trend, they are here to stay. But you will want to pick a colour that matches your style. CORECOLOUR’s silicone phone cases come in shades of pink, cream, lavender, blue, black, cerulean and mauve. There is a colour to suit every personality, lifestyle and personal style. Your phone case should be a representation of just as your smartphone is an extension of you. You don’t have to compromise on style for protection with the silicone phone case’s sleek design and minimalist colour palette. Get your phone a case that won’t slip away.