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Fast Charging

For Apple Watch, AirPods, Qi-enabled smartphones and earbuds.


Act as a charging stand and lamp.

Adjustable Brightness

3 adjustable lighting brightness.



Customer Reviews

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Love it sSo Far

I just received this MagSafe 4 in 1 charger today and I'm impressed so far. I've been wanting one for a while but the prices were just too much to justify. This one checks all my boxes at a super reasonable price! It is a sleek design and feels to be made of good material. The magnets (MagSafe) locks your phone and watch into place with ease. It holds my iPhone 13 pro (with MagSafe case) with no problem! It is solidly built and has non-slip pads on the base to keep the charger from moving around. I haven't had any problem with the device or my electronics falling over, falling off, etc.I really like the LED indicator light too. In the meantime, I would definitely recommend this product.

Jorge B
Very high quality wireless charging station, with very cool lighting indicator!

This wireless charging station is exactly what I look for in these types of chargers: It is well-spaced out to comfortably fit and easily remove my devices; it has a nice, modern design; it is made of high quality material; it charges quickly. However, on top of the great features, it has an extra feature that I didn't realize I was missing with previous chargers of similar nature is an LED light on the back. With aesthetic aside, this charger performs extremely well. Even when I have all three of my devices (iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple Watch SE, and AirPods Pro) charging at the same time, this charger still charges all devices quickly! It is important to note that in order to be able to use this item, you will need to have a Mag Safe compatible device, not all Apple products are fully MagSafe compatible yet so make sure your device can be used with this (most newer Apple products are MagSafe compatible though, such as iPhone 12 and up, all Apple Watches, and AirPod Pros).All in all, this is my favorite wireless charging station out of the others I have owned, simply for the fact that it has the LED light at the back, making it the perfect addition for my modern gaming desk setup!Hopefully this review was helpful to you.

Practical and very fast charging

This charger is simply amazing! It has completely changed my life, to be honest. I used to have my iPhone and Apple watch chargers running on my desk and they were very long and at times they would get caught in the wheels of my desk rolling chair. Now I don't have that problem anymore. Also, now I can easily charge the phone easily with one hand, and with zero effort, it simply latches on to the charger like a magnet. And boy does this thing charge my phone and watch fast! My Apple Watch was at 2 percent and my iPhone at 50 percent today when I decide to charge both at the same time. I didn't check exactly how long it took but within an hour and a half, both were fully charged! It also looks so minimalistic and modern, I love this thing!

R. A
Good looking charger

This charger looks cool and contemporary, The base is made of matte high-quality white plastic, and the arms that hold the watch and the phone are of a aluminum finish. This charger does not feel cheap. It feels solid and weighs, so it will not slip on your night desk. The magnet that holds the iPhone suspended in the air is powerful and securely holds an iPhone 12/13/14 /MINI/PRO/MAX (MagSafe compatible). Be aware that any iPhone 11 or previous model won't stick to the charger. My iWatch Ultra and Airpods Pro also charge perfectly. The unit is a smart charger, so it runs cool and doesn't overheat my devices. The charging speed is pretty fast even when I charge 3 devices at the same time.

fast charging

Simple but an elegant looking. Charge my devices really fast.