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RJ Hakanson
Good band except for durability

Fits great, looks great, price is great. Overall a good product !

Chingkhei N
A very good metal strap for Apple Watch

This is a value for money and excellent metal strap for Apple Watch.

A stylish Apple Watch band that appears solidly built

I ordered this watchband about a month ago to complement, several "casual" bands that I purchased for my Apple SE. This one is a bit more dressy and frankly, reminds me of a watchband I had for my Seiko watch many years ago. I've waited a month to get more experience with the band and to see if any of my initial impressions would change. They have not.. I was surprised at the weight of the band. It's heavier than I imagined but not so much so as it is uncomfortable. Instead, it feels solid and on wrist. Overall, I'm pleased with the band-it does what I want it to do and it looks good. I've had no issues with construction or operation thus far, so I think the band will serve my needs well into the future. And for the price, it presents a very good value.

Irene G
Very Good Quality

Perfect amount of weight and looks very good. using the straps is a good experience.

Christian G
Great watch band as a bartender !

As the title suggests, I bartend. I get sticky stuff on my wrists and my hands nonstop. This watchband was easy to adjust to my wrist size and I was able to get it to a good spot within10 minutes. It's easy to wipe clean and hasn't gotten Rusty or too gross since I got it a few months back. I've had a few bands that weren't breathable that immediately gave me a skin reaction and that has not been an issue with this band. If I wasn't switching to an android device for personal reasons I would definitely get all of the colors I could. It's nice looking and sleek. I actually bought this because I saw a coworker wearing it one day and complemented him and he was like dude it's super cheap watch band and it's the best one I've ever had. I agree.